Five-Minute Mummy Candle

So it’s officially fall even though the temperature here in PA doesn’t feel like it! That’s what I love about this time of year. The kids have gone back to school, pumpkin is back, and the weather is mild enough to get out and enjoy the beauty of the season.

It also means Halloween is coming!

Today I have a quick and easy way to add some not-so-spooky decor to the house with this super-simple DIY.

How adorable is this little guy?

5-Minute Mummy Candle

Honestly, I contemplated even posting the “steps” to this project because it seems so obvious but I know some of you need a little more TLC with crafting. So here we go, here’s a pat on your back and a “you got this.” Because really, you do. Let your kids make a few, too. Just make sure to use flame-less, battery-operated candles!

All you need – aforementioned flame-less candle, roll of gauze, glue and a permanent marker.


Apply glue to the outside of the candle. (I photographed my 7 year old daughter making this so really, no excuses!)

Start wrapping the roll of gauze around the candle. Overlap as you go up and stop when you are satisfied.

Add two eyes with your Sharpie and that’s it! The Sharpie runs a bit but I think that adds to the spooky factor and I don’t mind it. You could always cut out two eyes from black paper and glue them on too.


Now go make a few!

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