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Well hello there. It’s me. Remember me? Yea, yea I know. It’s been a while. A long while. But it was summer! And I was enjoying long lazy days vacationing with the family. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I was just being lazy.

But I’m back!

And its FALL!

Anyone who knows me, knows the sheer pumpkin spice joy that Autumn brings me. It’s back to school, back to reality, and for me, back into action!

So here we go! Let’s jump right in!

Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy DIY that adds A LOT of style and rustic charm to any space. When did plumbing becoming so cool? I don’t know but I’m on board with this trend! I’ve made several pieces with plumbing pipe from light fixtures to our paper towel holder. Copper pipes look sophisticated but just beware they’ll eventually tarnish. Better to go with the steel pipes, covered in a quick coat of spray paint to prevent rust (and cover up any factory printing that may have been added).

While browsing, I stumbled across a set of three steel pipe and wood shelves from Anthropologie. 

I knew I could make them for far less than their $138 price tag.  I also knew I could do it pretty easily. And I have faith you can too!


  1. Scrap wood no larger than 6 x 9 inches
  2. (2) 1/2 inch steel flanges
  3. 1/2 inch 90 degree elbow
  4. 1/2 “close” connector
  5. 3/4 inch wood screws – (4) to mount flange to wood, (2) to mount on the wall
  6. wood stain
  7. spray paint (optional)
  8. Drill, screwdriver

Start by wiping down your steel pipe fixtures. They come with some type of oil or grease on them and are often quite dirty. At this point you can spray a quick coat of dark or clear spray paint on them and let them dry. If the pipes are going to have any contact with water, and I’m not sure why they would, but if they are, you need to coat them so they don’t rust. This is going to be a small shelf on the wall, so I’m going to leave my fixtures as they are.

Decide what piece of wood you’ll use. I bought a 1 x 6 x 4 foot board. I’ve learned along the way that you have to subtract 1/2 inch from the width of all the boards you buy from the big box stores. It’s irritating but I’ve learned to go with it. So since I knew I wanted a board about 5.5 inches in depth, I went with a “6” inch wide board. I cut a 7 inch piece and I think this is a perfect size – 5.5″ x 7″.

Stain, paint, distress the board as you like.

Attach one flange to the close connector, then the elbow, and finally the other flange. You’ll have an “L” shape.

Center one flange on your piece of wood and attach with four 3/4 inch screws, being careful that the wood does not extend past the flange that will attach to the wall.


Now you just need to attach the shelf to the wall. I’d suggest you find a stud using a stud finder. Attach using two screws. Yes there are four holes in the flange but this little shelf doesn’t warrant four holes (eek!) in your wall.

Now pop on a candle (pumpkin, duh!), a small vase, or picture frame. These are so cool you’ll want to make more. I hung one on my foyer wall but I think two would be just right.

Let me know if you make one too!

Stay crafty, friends!



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