Freddy the Fox quilt, pattern by Shwin and Shwin

Fox Quilt

I recently had a request for a baby blanket with a fox theme. It would be for baby Harlow who is due to be born this summer. My friend and I went back and forth with ideas and screen shots for several days. As we were searching, I stumbled across this amazing fox quilt and FREE pattern by Shwin and Shwin

Both Diana and I marveled at the beauty and complexity of this quilt. I knew something so time-consuming would be out of budget for her but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s something you have to understand about us quilters – we see something and we want to make it.  Now! It’s not necessary going to be for anyone, so stop asking us that! We just want to make it!

So while Diana was still browsing for the colors and style blanket she would like I decided was going to make this fox quilt. Or at least try. This was a quilt unlike any others I have ever made. Pattern pieces printed out and cut out. Was I ready for this?

I hoped so.

And here’s how it went.

I started by going to the website listed above and signing up for the free pattern. I printed out the pieces and got to work taping them together. Sorry, this was at night and the lighting was bad.

Fox Quilt Fox Quilt

The instructions tell you how much material of each color you need so I went out the next day and bought the fabric. You can choose to make a female or male fox. You will make a bow for the ear of the female fox or a bow tie for the male fox. I more so kept with the fabric colors of the male fox but you could use whatever you want.

I outlined the pattern into 13 “blocks.” For each block I cut out the pieces, traced on the fabric with seam allowance, cut out and sewed together. I pressed the blocks as I went.

Fox Quilt
Block one of thirteen

 As you probably guessed, once I started I couldn’t stop…

Fox Quilt

With the eyes and nose he was really starting to resemble a fox. Hello Freddy!

Fox Quilt

Some of the blocks didn’t work up quite right. I just went with it. I’m sure there are OCD quilters out there. I’m not one of them. Not perfect = character, in my book.

I found some sweet turquoise fabric for the back, added a border and then…

Time to baste! I basted Freddy with pins. I prefer spray baste but I ran out of spray and though I’m not and OCD quilter, I’m an impatient quilter, so I went with the pins!

Fox Quilt

I chose to stay with the most basic method and quilted straight lines across the quilt about every  2-3 inches. Again, not perfect.

I decided to use a black and white gingham fabric for the bow tie and binding. I liked the contrast with all the other colors and how it made his bow tie pop.

Lastly, I machine sewed the binding to the quilt. Yep. I know I’m insulting some of you quilters out there. It’s like breaking the biggest law but guess what? Nope. I don’t care. It’s finished and he’s darn cute!

Fox Quilt

Fox Quilt

And in case you are wondering, Diana and I decided to go with grays and pinks and do an abstract fox for Baby Harlow. Here is her minky backed blanket.

Fox Quilt

She was thrilled with it.

As for Freddy Fox, he’s still with me. As of now he’s still not for anyone. 😉

Thanks for stopping by and as usual, let me know if you try a version of this fox quilt!

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  1. I love Freddy! And I love the way you write! Keep these entries coming; so entertaining and even though there’s no way I could make anything that you describe, I get some vicarious enjoyment out of imagining I could!

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