DIY No-Sew Doggie Bow Tie

Doggie Bow Tie

I didn’t think Ted, my friend Diana’s sweet pup, could get any cuter. But then I put a bow tie on him. Adorable, right? Ted owns more toys than my kids. He is a very loved little guy. Just look at that face.

Doggie Bow Tie
Ted, in his Holiday plaid bow tie

I have another friend who recently adopted the cutest yellow lab puppy, Finn. He lives in Massachusettes so I haven’t got the chance to love on him yet. I sent Sarah a bow tie and she snapped a pic of the sleepy little guy modeling it. Here he is in his version, seer-sucker. Eeee!

Doggie Bow Tie
Finn in his seer-sucker bow tie

These guys almost make me want to get a dog of our own. Almost.

But for now I just enjoy the pics I get of them. And be thankful I’m not house-training!

So about that bow tie. They just slip on and off your dog’s collar very easily.  You can whip one up in like, 10 minutes. Seriously. And can you believe this project involves fabric and no sewing?! I know, I can’t either. It’s almost a sacrilege in my book. But anything for the sake of cuteness and saving some time!

Doggie Bow Tie

Here we go!

Doggie Bow Tie


  1. Fabric of your choice cut into 4 pieces (in  inches): 5×9, 3×7, 2×5, 1×1
  2. 1/4 or 1/2 inch elastic: 3-4 inches (depending on collar size).
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Scissors or rotary cutter
  5. Optional dog for modeling

What to do:

Today I’m using this soft and summery black and white seer-sucker fabric. Start by folding your largest piece lengthwise, overlapping the top and bottom slightly to desired width for bow tie. I made this one 2 inches wide.

Doggie Bow Tie

Next fold the sides in, overlapping slightly, to desired length. I folded mine to about 4 inches in length.

Doggie Bow Tie

Flip right side up. Take the 3×7 inch rectangle and do the same as above. I folded this piece to about 1×3 inches.

Doggie Bow Tie

Flip right side up and place on top of larger rectangle. Fold 2×5 inch piece in same fashion. Scrunch together the two stacked rectangles and wrap the third piece around the middle. Secure with hot glue.

Doggie Bow Tie Doggie Bow Tie

Decide how big your elastic loop should be. You can test it on your dog’s collar or just guesstimate. Create a ring with the elastic, secure with hot glue and glue to back of bow tie. Place an extra dollop of glue on the elastic and place the small 1×1 inch square on top.

Doggie Bow Tie Doggie Bow Tie


Slip on Doggie’s collar and that’s it!Doggie Bow Tie

Of course these aren’t limited to dogs. Do cats wear bow ties? Sure! Or add a pony elastic to the back and they make a cute little girl’s ponytail hair tie.  I’ve even added an alligator clip to them and you have an instant little boy’s clip-on bow tie!

You can simplify this project even further! Just use one piece of folded fabric, and leave off the one on top.  The black and blue plaid as well as the red dot bow ties are examples of this basic style.

Doggie Bow Tie

No-Sew DIY Doggie Bow Tie

Give it a try and let me see what you create!

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