DIY Apple Mason Jars

DIY Apple Mason Jars

Well, here we are again. Every year I’m amazed at how fast it goes. I can’t believe the end of the school year is right around the corner. My first and third graders will be second and fourth graders before I know it. I’ll blink and summer will be gone.

But before we say good-bye to this school year and the amazing teachers who have poured their heart, soul, and time into our children we need to thank them.

DIY Apple Mason Jars

And here’s heartfelt way how.

With this adorable apple mason jar filled with whatever you chose to give to say thanks. Candy, gift cards, cash…

They’re easy so whip up enough for all the teachers and helpers. They deserve it!

Let’s get to it!

You will need:

  1. Half pint mason jars (you could go larger for sure!) This size does hold a gift card nicely 😉
  2. Spray paint in red
  3. Upholstery nails
  4. Small wooden block, bead, or knob for apple “stem”
  5. Scrap leather, felt, fabric, or scrapbook paper in green
  6. Ribbon, tissue paper, or glass rocks
  7. Basic tools – hammer, pen, and scissors

DIY Apple Mason Jars

First, tap the nail through the center of the lid, just enough to pierce it. Carefully remove and save.

Next, spray paint the lid and metal band, two coats, letting dry completely between coats.


DIY Apple Mason Jar


While the paint is drying, draw a leaf shape on the back of your scrap leather or fabric. Like I said, you can really use anything here, even paper. Don’t go buying anything. Look around the house, you’ll find something that can work! Make sure to add a small “stem” on the leaf for the nail to pierce through under your apple stem. Make two leaves, one slightly smaller. See below:

DIY Apple Mason Jars

Cut out the leaves.

Once everything is dry place the nail through the bottom of the hole in the center of the lid. Press down the larger leaf first, then the smaller and wooden block or knob on top. Carefully hammer the tack into the apple “stem.” I find it’s easiest to turn everything upside down and hammer the nail into the block, not the wooden block onto the nail. Hope this makes sense.

That’s really it! You can simplify this even more if you use scrapbook paper. Instead of nailing anything, just use a strong craft glue. Glue the two leaves at their stems and glue them to the bottom of the block. Then glue everything to the center of the lid.

Fill the mason jar with ribbon curls, pretty colored glass rocks, or candy. Add ribbon or twine with a thank you note around the band. That’s it!

DIY Apple Mason Jars

A thoughtful and cute way to say Thank You!

DIY Apple Mason Jars

DIY Apple Mason Jars

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  1. Lucky teachers! So cute and super-thoughtful! Much better than another “World’s Best Teacher” mug!

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