DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Who doesn’t love jewelry? Especially the kind you can make in two steps? Seriously! This will take you 5 minutes. I promise. Even the most craft-challenged folks. You can do this.

This tutorial is so easy I contemplating even posting it. Really, I don’t mean to insult your intelligence! These two items, available in craft stores, are clearly meant to be used together.  However, you may not visit the craft store often, so you may not even know how easy it can be to make yourself one of these cool leather wrap bracelets.

Cute, right? You only need 5 minutes of time and 3 supplies (plus scissors). I got my Realeather® supplies at AC Moore.


  1. 5mm round braided leather lace
  2. 5mm end caps
  3. Craft glue like Gorilla® Glue

First, wrap the cord around your wrist two times if you want a double wrap, or three times, if you want a triple wrap bracelet (your call). Make sure it’s wrapped pretty tightly. The end caps come with about two inches of chain plus the clasp, so the bracelet can be made plenty bigger but not any smaller. Trim the cord here.

Second, coat the edges with your glue and apply the end caps.

Third, just kidding. There’s no third step! Once it’s dry, put on your wrap bracelet!

Leather wrap bracelet

You can add charms to the end of the caps or the end of the chain.

I wore mine on a date night with the hubs and he snapped a quick pic.

Would love to hear you make one!

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