Welcome Spring Succulents

Welcome back, friends! I wish I could say Welcome Spring but the snow is falling here in PA! I had shorts on yesterday. It was 61 degrees. This winter has me so confused! Nevertheless, I come to you today with a springtime DIY. Soon it will be warmer. Until then let’s will spring’s entrance with a fun little project. This super easy DIY combines two loves in my life. The beautiful, often mysterious, but always hardy succulent plant and the ridiculously versatile mason jar. With just a few supplies and an hour of your time, you can have your own mason jar of happiness.

See, I told you it was snowing!

I have a good friend getting married next year. She happens to share my love for CrossFit (she has a Fran time of 2:08- beast!) and affinity for mason jars. She’s busy seeing potential venues and I’m busy figuring out her wedding favors for her, without her even having to ask! What a considerate and helpful friend I am to her!

I see succulents everywhere nowadays and I even own a few. Yes, half are fake but one is real. And it’s still alive! Believe me, you do not need to have a green thumb to keep these plants alive. They don’t need much water, enjoy warm dry temps, and can adapt to bright light and rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight.


You will need:

  1.  A mason jar (I used the half-pint size).
  2. A succulent plant
  3. Chalk paint (I used Waverly chalk paint in “Ballet Slipper”).
  4. Paint brush
  5. 150-grit sandpaper
  6.  Small rocks
  7. Potting soil
  8. Twine for decoration – optional

First, flip the jar upside down and paint with two coats of chalk paint, letting dry completely between coats. Chalk paint offers better coverage on glass than acrylic, which can be really streaky. The paint job doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re going to rough it up with our sandpaper, but make sure it’s pretty well covered.

Once the paint is dry, lightly sand over the raised edges and corners to give a worn look. This is totally up to preference so sand as much or as little as you like.


So I didn’t buy a clear coat but I probably will go pick one up and paint a quick coat on the jar later. This will offer protection from more chipping.

Ok, we’re ready to plant! Put a small handful of river rocks in the bottom of the jar. Succulents don’t like their roots drowning in water so the rocks provide a bit of drainage.

Next add some potting soil. How much you have to add will depend on how much comes with the succulent in it’s little store container. Keep the level of soil about the edge of the neck of the mason jar. Remove the little guy from the container and break up the dirt around his roots. Do you like how “he” has become human all of a sudden?? Anyway, get him situated in the jar, loosely pack the soil around the plant and give him a drink.

Now you can add the metal band back on the jar or keep it off. Your choice. Tie some twine around the neck of the jar. Add a label if it’s a gift…or a wedding favor. 😉 😉

Place in a windowsill if possible and don’t forget to give him a drink every week, letting the soil dry completely between waterings.

As usual, post any questions to comments. I’d love to hear from you if you make your own!

Until then, stay crafty and happy!

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