With all my Heart Quilt

I’ve always wanted to make a gingham quilt. There’s something about gingham that says summertime to me.  I’ve read several tutorials and to be honest just felt overwhelmed. So many squares to cut and piece! But I knew that if I put the time in it would be worth it and wow, was I right!

I chose the colors for this quilt without a recipient in mind. The shades of purple and lilac say “spring” to me. I took the time to plan out my pattern and figured out how much fabric I needed. Basically for gingham you need a dark and a light shade with white for the background. I went with 6 inch squares, 1/4 seams, 7 rows across and 9 rows down. The finished size is very generous and bigger than my usual baby quilts. In fact, I ended up about 6 inches short for my backing fabric so I created a patchwork row that I added about 1/3 of the way down on the back of the quilt. This allowed the backing to be a tad larger than the quilt top.

After quilting and binding (with the cutest blue and purple floral fabric), I squared up my edges. And what a bummer to see the patchwork row on the back was not quite centered.

After some thought I decided to add a simple fabric heart hand stitched on the white block of my patchwork row. The hand stitching is clearly just that, done by hand.

It’s far from perfect and I even considered taking it off. But in the end, this quilt is hand made. It’s not perfect but it’s still warm and snuggly and it was made with love.

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