Shelby’s Quilt

Now and then I’ll venture into the real quilting world. I’ll actually measure and cut squares, lay everything out in a pattern and piece it all together. Not to say that my other quilts aren’t quilts, but there’s something to be said for a quilt that requires close attention to measurement, design and pattern, basting, quilting and binding. It sounds like a lot and it is. But boy is it time well spent. These quilts are a badge of honor and very satisfying to hand over to their new owners. I have yet to go bigger than a baby quilt. It seems like so much work and so much time and honestly I know how much patience I have. I don’t have that much. So I’ll stick with the little ones for now. Baby steps, I guess.

I used a simple arrows pattern with six patterned fabrics and white for the back ground. I had fun choosing the fabric for this quilt and are all gender neutral. I chose orange, mint, navy, and two shades of gray.

This quilt is basically all squares, half of them cut slightly larger with the larger squares cut in half to make two triangles. Each patterned triangle is sewn to a white triange to create a square. All pieced together it makes these awesome arrows. I arranged the arrows in a way that no two fabrics were in the same row and took pictures before carefully stacking the squares and sewing them together. If you want the pattern  I can make that happen!

I added Shelby’s name to the bottom corner which is my preferred placement for baby’s name. I kept with a fabric from the quilt, choosing the boldest one so it would stand out. I used the self-binding technique in which you keep your backing fabric larger than the top and batting, trim everything up precisely at the end and fold it on itself and onto the top of the quilt and sew into place. (Sorry no pics, but there’s lots of good tutorials on self-binding out there).

The colors in this quilt could certainly be for a boy or a girl. But I think it’s perfect for Baby Shelby.

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