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With the CrossFit Open on the horizon I wanted to give you a quick craft, something fun to make, maybe take your mind off of the impending 17.1. I was laying in bed, dreaming of crafting, brainstorming future tutorials for you guys.This simple craft is seriously so easy, in one afternoon you can whip a bunch. Give them as birthday favors, stocking stuffers, “Good luck in the CrossFit Open, try not to die” gifts. Are these a little ridiculous? Yes. Could you count your rounds with poker chips or chalk? Of course. But are they super-cute? Uh duh. Who wins? Super-cute. Every time.

Some of you are lost. CrossFit Open? 17.1? Rounds? In brief, some crossfit wods (workout of the day) include doing a series of movements with specific repetitions for a number of rounds. We usually grab poker chips or pens and clip boards, or if we’re living dangerously, count them in our heads. That last one never ends well for me… Anyway, every Spring the entire CrossFit world competes in the “Open” where one wod is released (a total surprise) once per week for five weeks. You complete the workout and submit a score. The world speculates and commiserates together. It can be an emotional few weeks for sure. But the camaraderie and seeing yourself make improvements over the years keeps us all coming back.

So back to the round counter. It’s strung beads on a ring that can be clipped on your keys, gym bag, water bottle, or anywhere. As you complete a round, slide a bead all the way to the knot on the other side. Keep going until you complete all rounds or time expires. This project literally takes 10 minutes once you have all your supplies.



  1. Carabiner clip, lobster clasp, or key ring
  2. Large eye beads
  3. Craft cord, Paracord, or twine.
  4. Craft glue like E6000

The trick here is to be able to thread the bead on the cord but have the bead stay put to where you slide it. Just make sure that the beads you purchase have large enough hole to be able to thread the Paracord (or two strands if using craft cord) though. Amazon sells “paracord beads” which obviously will work well if you use Paracord.

Knot the Paracord around the key ring. Add a dab of glue to hold the knot together.

String on 10 beads. You could do more, or less. But in the rare instances we do more than 10 rounds, just slide the beads back again to the other side, starting at 11, 12, etc. Keeping the rest of the length of cording empty of beads, tie a knot at the other end and add a dab of glue. This is the space that you will slide each bead down one at a time to keep them separate and keep track of your rounds.


That’s it! Really. I know, this is a little absurd. But again, look how cute! And if you aren’t into CrossFit, why not? Just kidding. Your counter key chain can be used to count the glasses of water you drink each day, rows for knitting, or even to help your kids learn simple math. You could even make it into a bracelet!

I’d love to hear from you and see a photo of your creation if you decide to try it out!

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3 thoughts on “Easy to Make Workout Round Counter

  1. So cute, now all I need is away toremember to move the bead. I get so into the workout that I forgot to move what ever I am using

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