Amelia’s Quilt

I love sewing. It’s by far the favorite of my crafts. And because I love it, I spend the most time on it and I’ve seen my skills progressing over the years. I especially enjoy making baby blankets. Flannel, minky, quilts, all of them.

I received a request from a member at our Crossfit gym for a quilt for his Baby daughter, Amelia’s, first Valentine’s Day. Adorable, right? I was happy to oblige. And even happier that he gave me free reign! The only caveat was he didn’t want it “Hallmarky” (his word!) and he wanted something she could have for years to come. I decided to a “whole cloth” quilt with appliqué on top. Whole cloth quilts are a nice because they work up faster by taking the piecing element out of a traditional quilt. You have a whole piece of fabric on the top and bottom with quilt batting in the center. Then the lines are quilted through all three layers, still leaving you with all the “quilty goodness” you’d expect from a quilt.

I knew I wanted hearts and “Amelia” on the quilt so I came up with this design. I adore the scrappy look. I recently made a United States map out of my scrap fabric. I found 50 different fabrics in under 10 minutes. No lie. Not only does it just look super cute but it allows me to use the fabric out of my enormous scrap bin. My scrap is actually a storage ottoman with a padded lid that can technically be used as a seat. As a matter of fact, I feel less guilty that I have that much fabric, because, Look! It’s also a chair!

So back to the quilt.

I printed out templates for the hearts and used letters that I already had and traced them onto the back of fabric fused with Heat N Bond. I ironed them in place and then used a zig-zag stitch to sew them in place permanently. I don’t have a fancy machine that does embroidery so I use the zig-zag stitch. It works perfectly fine.

I ironed the three layers together and used a basting spray to keep them together as I quilted the lines on top. Then I trimmed it up and used a self-binding technique that is super easy and looks great. Basically your bottom fabric is trimmed to one inch wider than the rest of the quilt, then it’s folded onto itself twice and top stitched all around. So much easier than traditional binding and for this quilt I didn’t want the binding to compete with the quilt top, so for this one it works. I’ve made quilts with scrappy binding (Shocker, I know!) and I do love the look, but I wanted to stay simple on the binding for this quilt.

I washed and tumble dried Amelia’s quilt and sewed on a Buttons & Barbells label. Finished! And I’m a week early for Valentine’s Day, too! I told her dad we all want to see her on her quilt!

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