Cold Box Hot Hands

Ahh Winter in PA. It gets COLD. I have what’s called Raynauds phenomenon that affects circulation in my fingers and toes. My hands are always cold. My feet are always cold. And CrossFit gyms or “boxes”, often in large warehouse style locations, can be pretty chilly. Couple that with bare hands on an ice cold barbell and it can be downright painful. Numb hands through a workout. Yep? Who’s holding that barbell? I can’t tell…oh yea, it’s me! If you’re anything like me you can relate.

Enter my solution! The incredibly easy to make “Cold Box Hand Warmers!” I wanted to call them Hot Pockets but I didn’t want the good people who make actual Hot Pockets to come after me. And really, who is making a microwavable pocket sandwich before their WOD (workout of the day)? Not me. So hand warmers they are!

In the thirty seconds your trainer says to use the restrooms and get a drink, your hands can be toasty warm and ready to rock.

So let’s get to it. Seriously guys, these are so easy to make, your kids could make them (for you).

What you will need:

  1. Scrap material in 100% cotton (flannel works well too).
  2. Ruler
  3. Rotary cutter or scissors
  4. Thread for sewing
  5. Straight pins
  6. White Rice, uncooked
  7. *Optional Sewing machine and funnel for filling pockets with rice

Start by ironing your material and measuring out one large rectangle 10″ x 7.” If you only have smaller scraps, measure out two rectangles, 5″x7″ each. From the large rectangle, cut in half width-wise to get two rectangles 5″x7″ each.

Cut two rectangles 5″x7.”

Fold each rectangle width-wise with the right sides on the middle. You will have two rectangles now sized 3.5″ x 5.” Line up seams and pin. Take this to your sewing machine or thread your needle and sew by hand. Starting at the fold, sew up one short end and the down the longer side with 1/4-1/2 inch seam. Don’t go less than 1/4 inch. Think of this as the difference between reusable hand warmers and rice all over the gym floor. Gasp!

Clip corners as shown in photo. Do this for the other piece.

Turn each pocket right-side out and fold about 1/2 inch of fabric into the pocket to hide raw edge. Use a funnel if you have one, but if you can’t’ find yours, like me, just roll up a piece of paper into a cone shape and fill each pocket with one half cup of rice. Add a little more if half of it spilled all over the counter…

Stand pocket up and pin that folded top seam together with a few pins to keep those sneaky rice grains out of the path or your needle. If you’ve ever sewn over rice grains you’ll remember.

Sew the top seam at least twice to reinforce it and that’s it! Pop the pair in the microwave for 30 seconds and warm up those frozen hands.

Of course these aren’t limited to cold gyms. Heat them up and take them with you to walk the dog, shovel snow, stand at the bus stop, you get it.

If you decide to try to make these hand warmers, I’d love to hear from you. Any questions just post to comments!

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9 thoughts on “Cold Box Hot Hands

  1. Love the first blog! Awesome Bekah. As you may remember, I too have Raynaud’s and I too can’t feel the barbell / rig all that well these cold days (mornings!). Not so sure I’m crafty enough to make this, but my son is, so I’ll recruit him to give it a try. I need something, because I’m going through more gloves than I care to admit. Already ripped 2 this year on the barbell. Again – great blog! Keep it up!

  2. Love your blog!! Clever, witty, fun; and what a great ( and easy to relate to!) craft item with well written, easy to follow instructions. You’re off to a great start! Can’t wait for more!

  3. Who doesn’t need these?! Such a great idea, and you made it easy. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to be toasty warm at the bus stop tomorrow 😉

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